Language schools in England

King's - London, Bournemouth, Oxford
St.Giles - London, Eastbourne, Brighton
Concord* - Acton Burnel (near Shrewsbury) 
Torbay - Torbay (near Torquay)
inlingua - Cheltenham
Hastings College - high school in England for secondary school learners for free - Hastings English courses in Hastings

Sports camps and English - England 
Language courses (English - children, teenagers) England Nottingham, Southampton, Reading, Kingston near London - St Giles school of English
English courses at Select school - London, Somerset, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge
English courses in England and Scotland at Regent School - Cambridge and Edinburgh

YEAR or SEMESTER at English Boarding School
 Primary School in England - a year or a semester in English school

Female Primary School in England - a year or a semester at English female school


If you wish it is possible to arrange English course for you in almost every bigger town in Great Britain - also for groups ( school trips).  If you are interested, contact us.

 * - also high school

English learning and paid work in England

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Summer camps for kids and teenagers

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