What can Cheltenham give you?
Cheltenham is a beautiful town with traditions. It is a university centre with many shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, cinemas and theatres. It has 110.000 inhabitants, so it is small enough to be cameral and safe, and in the same time big enough to be an interesting place. Cheltenham is very conveniently located in the west of England, in the centre of Cotswolds region, one of the most beautiful regions in Great Britain, near many other places worth seeing - it lies 2 hours from London, 1 hour from Bath, Oxford, Bristol, Stonehenge, Birmingham, Cardiff and only 45 minutes from Stratford-upon-Avon (place of birth of Shakespeare).
Participants of the course have the opportunity to 'dive' in the British culture and improve language skills in a pleasant and calm atmosphere, with no stress and inconveniences of big cities. 
Apart from language programme the participants may also take part in cultural activities, social and sports meetings organized in Cheltenham. 


Why inlingua Cheltenham ? 

inlingua Cheltenham was opened in 1990 and from that moment it has a very good opinion. It is known as a place where the level of language teaching and client service is very high. Individual needs and interests of the course participants are here the most important. 

Building, where the general English courses are held and building, where business English courses take place are located near each other, in the city centre, only 30 metres from the main street. It is a perfect location as all bus stops, shops, hotels, theatres, restaurants and pubs are within reach.

In inlingua  you can meet people from all over the world and fully use the time spent on the course to broaden your mind. 
High standard of the offered courses, lecturers' qualifications and accommodation were certified by independent commissions in competence to control educational institutions. 

inlingua Cheltenham has an accreditation of British Council to teach English as a foreign language (EFL), and also takes part in the governmental project "Investor in People", the aim of which is to assess the involvement of the companies in development of their employees.

Staff - quality is our strength, we constantly monitor our syllabus, we are also open for suggestions and comments of the course participants. 
All lecturers at inlingua have the certificates
CELTA (certificate of teaching English) or TESOL (certificate of teaching English as a foreign language) or higher pedagogical education. Many of them have additional qualifications in certain fields. The teachers control the achievements of the students and inform about them the head of the educational institution. The teachers also take part in professional trainings and weekly self-improvement meetings. 

Accommodation -
students at inlingua can ask for help in every situation. A special person is appointed to solve any problems connected with accommodation (Accommodation Officer).

Additional services -
inlingua offers many additional activities, tourist information, booking of the tickets, information regarding good shops, pubs, restaurants. 

inlingua International
Established in 1968, chain of the schools inlingua International is the biggest  association of private language schools in the world. About 300 institutions in 22 countries is united not only by the name, but first of all by the high standards of teaching thanks to modern teaching techniques and education materials. 
inlingua is an institution chosen by thousands of students all over the world. Centre of Pedagogical Services in Bern, Switzerland, is working all the time on improving methods and education materials practiced and used in inlingua to make sure that the participants of the courses are taught on the highest level in all branches of inlingua.

Main seat of inlingua Cheltenham

The building, where the general English courses are held is located on Rodney Lodge street in the centre of Cheltenham, 50 metres from the main street of the town. Usually 50 to 100 people from all over the world learn here. During holidays the number of students at inlingua Cheltenham rises up to 160 persons.

inlingua combines friendly atmosphere of a small school with conveniences, rooms, equipment and professional service of a big language centre. inlingua has:

  • 12 classrooms
  • common room for students / café with satellite TV and DVD
  • learning room
  • free access to the Internet
  • beautiful garden

inlingua guarantees the following facilities for its students:

Tutor at request will help you to plan your effective learning programme, he will tell you how to deal with documents and forms connected with Cambridge examinations, IELTS or TOEIC. Tutor may also advise you on your admission to the British college or university. 

Friendly and helpful staff at the reception desk will be glad to help you. You can ask for help with buying an international telephone card, renting a car, finding sports club in Cheltenham or booking the ticket for a play in London. Whatever you need, you will get necessary help.

Accommodation & Welfare Officer is a person who will help you solve any problems connected with accommodation, host family or acclimatization in England. 

Free classes are available every day, when there are programmes of teachers' training. Usually there are three different levels. Such classes are a great opportunity to polish your English and make new friends. 

General Information about Cheltenham.

First day at school
All courses start on Mondays, if there is a place in a group. Students living with families will get from them advice how to get to school. Students who chose other type of accommodation will get the instructions how to get to school before their arrival at Cheltenham, so that they are able to get there at 8.45 on their own. 
On their first day students will visit Cheltenham and see where are the most important institutions.

On their first day at inlingua Cheltenham students write a qualification test to specify the level of their English fluency. The test consists of written part (multiple choice questions) and oral part. Then students are ascribed to the proper group. Achievements of the students are monitored by the teachers in order to be sure that the group for particular student was chosen properly.

All students should buy insurance before their arrival at Cheltenham. Neither school nor the family insure the student in case of an illness, theft or loss of the luggage or accidents. It is advisable to buy insurance of the luggage in case of its loss. Students coming from the countries of the European Union should have insurance form E111. It entitles you to medical care in unexpected accidents and to visit some doctors.  E111 does not cover the costs of dental treatment. 

Weather in Cheltenham is mild, extreme temperatures are rather rare. Students should take some warm clothes and waterproof coat or an umbrella in case of rainy weather. Temperatures in winter sink under 0ºC only for a very short time. 

You may take your own cellular phone with you. If you have the roaming service on you can use your phone. However, in case of local calls (with host family, with friends) the most convenient option would be buying a starter package card. Such starter packet costs about 10£. 

Arrival to inlingua Cheltenham 
Airports from which you have convenient connections with Cheltenham are: London Heathrow, Bristol International, Birmingham International, Manchester, London Gatwick or Cardiff.

Weekly net bus ticket in Cheltenham costs 9£.

Rail station in Cheltenham is called Cheltenham Spa and is conveniently connected with other big cities: London, Birmingham , Bristol, Cornwall and the north part of the country.
Details and timetables available on website: http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/

National Express is a national net of bus connections. Express buses run between big and middle towns and cities. Details on the website: http://www.nationalexpress.co.uk/

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