New for 2018! English Plus+ Paid Work Experience, London

Programmes "Work and Study", offered by Twin are a perfect opportunity to improve your language skills, gain professional experience and earn extra money! Programme "Study and Work" is available for students from EU.

Programme ‘English Plus+ Paid Work Experience' is an innovative project combining English learning, paid internship and many examinations recognized all over the world.

If you are interested in the programme "Work and Study" you have to be responsible, willing to work and have enthusiastic attitude - it is no holiday time, but wonderful adventure of your lifetime!

Work and Study in London

Hospitality Training Programme, UK

Dublin, Ireland
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Au Pair

Study and work in England Ireland Studying and working in Great Britain English courses and paid work England Ireland

ENGLAND - London

English course and paid work in England -
TWIN programme

Work and Study in the United Kingdom

• Help pay for your studies and experience a new culture
• Communicate in English at work and develop your language skills at school
• Gain work experience in another language and increase your job opportunities
• Work up to 20 - 40 hours per week in London
• Study course length 4 weeks (if you have B1, if your currently have an A2 level of English, you have to complete two additional study weeks to enrol onto this programme)
• Apply in 5 easy steps (see application section below)

1. Order a form at LEXIS and fill it
2. After getting your application, we will send you our free English test and inform you about your language level
3. We will ask you for your CV in English
4. We'll call you then to check your English skills
When you're done, and we get the payment for the programme and accommodation, which you want to have, we will send you the confirmation of reservation and Acceptance Letter.
5. We arrange a Skype interview if required to discuss the expectations of the student.

Short Description

Being able to communicate in English is a highly-regarded skill to have on your CV and can be crucial for your career progression whether you work in business, retail, hospitality or in a skilled trade. This programme is created for you to improve your English and enhance your CV with a paid placement in London, which will be provided by our award-winning work experience team.

On this programme, you will spend four weeks at our English school in London where you will take our General English and work preparation courses to get you ready for your placement. At same time you will start your eight-week placement where you can practise your English and develop your transferable working skills.

Information about 'English Plus+ Paid Work Experience'

General English course
Our General English course focuses on developing your core skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening, so that you can use English comfortably on a day-to-day basis. Your confidence should increase and you should be better able to write in English and take part in English conversations, both of which are vital in the world of work. The course should provide you with a better understanding of the English Language so that you can complete any tasks that are required of you during your placement and in future work. In addition to improving your English, you will focus on practising your interview techniques, learn how to create a great CV and gain a better understanding of working life in the UK. Course has 15 hours per week for 4 weeks.

Paid Work Experience
At the same time as you start English course, you will begin your eight-week work experience placement in London. You will work closely with our award-winning work experience team in order to find you the right position. Once the best placement has been selected, our team will arrange your interviews and help you prepare for them, so that you can secure your work experience as quickly as possible. You will work 20-40 hours per week, providing a great opportunity for you to continue to practise your English in a real-life setting and to earn money to support your stay in the UK.

Example work placements
- Retail positions
- Waiting/Bar staff
- Kitchen assistant/porter
- Housekeeping

Why Work & Study in the UK
•Work & study in the birthplace of the English Language
•Visit the many monuments and towns of England, Scotland, and Wales.
•Take some time off and discover the English Country side or Picturesque Scotland
•Take a short trip over to its many European neighbours for a weekend city trip
•Enjoy a traditional English Pint in one of the country's many Pubs
•Visit the beautiful College Campus of Cambridge

Age 18+
EU Citizen
English level B1 – Students with an A2 level of English must complete an additional two study weeks in order to enrol on the programme
Must feel comfortable in English-speaking environment
Placements will be based on skills, training, personality and dates of availability.
Work and study London

Price - 940£ + 50£ booking fee.
Price for 12 weeks programme (4 weeks English tuition 15 h per week, Work Preparation Course, paid work placement)

For the duration of your English course, we are able to arrange your accommodation with one of our trusted homestay hosts where you will be housed in a half-board, single room. This is a great opportunity for you to practise your English outside the classroom and for you to experience the varied British culture. In addition to this, many of our trusted partners provide a number of residential, flatshare and hostel rooms which are available throughout London.

Homestay from 155£ per week. You can choose family on page
Residential accommodation from 180£ per week.

Residential accommodation
single twin
Limehouse £190 £115
Tooting £190 N/A
Stratford £170 N/A
Booking fee £50
Shared Flats
single twin
Kilburn £190 N/A
Kitson £185 N/A
North London £199 N/A
Booking fee £50

Hospitality Training Programme, UK

Improve your English skills whilst gaining valuable work experience with a UK business for up to a year. This programme is perfect for those wanting to travel to a beautiful location in the UK to study English, and increase their career prospects, with optional paid work experience within the hospitality sector.

The Hospitality Training Programme in the UK provides fantastic opportunities to anyone looking for a paid work placement as well as the opportunity to improve their English in a professional Hospitality environment. The UK has a huge shortfall of labour in the hospitality sector, especially in the more rural, naturally beautiful locations such as:
Coastal Wales
The Shetland Islands
The Lake District
The Scottish Highlands

We do not offer any placements in city locations, therefore if you were to join this programme you should expect to be placed in a rural touristic location.
You could be working in a:
- Pub
- Hotel
- Bar
- Restaurant
- Holiday village
- Caravan park
- Camp site
- B&B

This programme combines online English lessons, suited to someone looking to improve their English, with a paid work experience in the hospitality sector.

If you are a Non-European Union citizen, to be eligible for our Hospitality Training Programme you will need to have the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa, which will cover you to live, work and travel in the UK for up to two years. You can apply for this visa on the Gov UK website.

What's included?
- Twin e-Learning access from time of booking until three months after you have completed the programme
- Paid work experience of 6-12 months (optional)
- Multilingual student placement team
- Letter of Reference (on completion of work placement)
- Twin Certificate of Achievement (on completion of work placement)
- Arrangement of your accommodation at the host organisation, but rent is still required to be paid (usually ranging from £40-£80 per week)

What’s NOT included?
Flights (or any transit costs)

Age 18+ (Maximum recommended age: 30)
EU Nationals or Holders of Appropriate Visas only
Must feel comfortable in English-speaking environment
Placements based on skills, training, personality and dates of availability
Some vacancies may require specific qualifications or experience.

Programme HTP Direct HTP + 4wks HTP + 8wks HTP + 12 wks HTP + 24 wks
Hospitality Training Programme £450 £1670 £2770 £3790 £6860

*The programme price includes 1 placement per person. If student wish to be replaced, there is an additional charge of £75.
Price includes: - Half-board homestay accommodation
- 15hrs English tuition per week


Work an Study in Dublin Ireland

Choose English language course in Ireland and find out how cordially you will be welcomed by this country

Beaches and the mountains, historical castles and modern cities, Oscar Wilde and U2…- Ireland is an extremely interesting and diverse country. You may go on English language course and at the same time take part in boisterous celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. You can also eat a classic Irish breakfast, learn traditional Irish dance, discover remarkable parts of that province, drink Guinness beer or go to the one of the numerous festivals celebrating all starting from the types of cuisine and finishing with the literature. Ireland, a country which is rich in cultural heritage and takes your breath away, is an ideal place to learn English language!

Why is it worth to learn English language in Ireland?

Irish educational system is the best in Europe and Ireland is a friendly and hospitable country where you can gain linguistic and cultural experience. Students from abroad having been there just for a short while start to appreciate the charm of the student life there as well as the extreme kindness of the Irish people, beautiful landscapes and great possibilities of development. The country has its rich heritage when it comes to language (its own language – Celtic), music or sport. It has been experiencing the period of rapid economic growth for quite a while. Learn English with Kaplan International Colleges and join growing every year international group of students coming to Ireland to improve their English language skills and discover the charms of Ireland!

Ireland’s climate

While studying in Ireland you may experience temperate maritime climate with mild winter and not so hot summer months. Although it might be raining throughout the whole year, it is milder in the East of the country and stronger in the West of the country. Compared to the seaside cities those which are situated in the centre of the country are far more frosty in the winter and hotter in the summer. Learn English language in our school in Dublin and enjoy the mild climate of the city.

Study, Work and Personal Development
We offer a range of courses suitable for medium to long term study and for people wishing to develop their work skills while in Ireland.
These fall under one of the following categories:
Internships and work experience. These are unpaid programmes suitable for all nationalities
Study & Work. For people who wish to immerse themselves in English and work while doing so. We have programmes suitable for EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA nationals
Au Pair stays. For EU/EEA nationals only. This is suitable for girls aged between 18 and 24 years old.

English with Internship/Work Experience (for ALL Nationalities)

Designed for university students and young professionals looking to obtain practical work experience in a company in Ireland.
The aim is to place the client in a company that is relevant to his/her training and/or profession.
Because this is an unpaid programme, employers expect a highly motivated student. We mainly place people in areas such as general administration, marketing and finance, but we have also placed people in areas such as IT, politics, engineering and law.
This programme is tailored to your client's individual needs and requires at least 4 weeks advance booking.
The length of the initial language course and the placement period can be adjusted to suit – please ask us.
Applicants require a minimum Upper Intermediate (CEFR level B2) level of English.

Course: 4 weeks AY24 or SM21 standard course
8 weeks work experience

Price: 4 weeks course and induction: €1,000 (gross)
Placement and monitoring fee: €400 (nett,

Accommodation: Host family, shared room (single with AY24 course), part board: €190

Au Pair Course (for EU/EEA Passport Holders)

For girls aged between 18 and 24 years old.
This course is aimed at girls who wish to immerse themselves in an Irish family while still benefiting from a structured English language course.
It is also aimed at the budget conscious traveller.
In general girls will do 35 hours per week of light housework, childcare, baby sitting, preparing meals, etc. They are guaranteed two half-days and at least one other full day off per week. In return they receive accommodation and board from the family and a minimum of €90 per week pocket money.
Because we see the girls at least twice per week in the school the school is able to offer a full support service in case of problems and misunderstandings – something you do not get with other Au Pair placements.
This programme is not suitable for everyone. If a potential client does not like children no housework, or their primary motivation is money, then they are unsuitable for an Au Pair position.

Course: 6 lessons per week

Price: For 3 months stays during June, July &
August (Summer placement period)
3 months: €1,050

All other times:
3 months: €800
4 months: €880
5 months: €1,050
6 months: €1,260
9 months: €1,800
12 months: €2,400

Accommodation: Host family, single room, full board: included

Academic Year, Study & Work (for Non-EU/EEA Passport Holders)

These courses are all approved by QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) for the purpose of access to employment. All courses include 25 weeks of tuition leading to official certification and can be spread across 8 calendar months (the duration of the visa).
Many students taking these courses choose to find an apartment or house share with other students and take between 2 and 4 weeks of DSE provided accommodation while they are searching.
All students on these programmes can avail of our support services: advice regarding finding further accommodation, job seeking, interview techniques and CV preparation. The school provides documentation necessary for opening a bank account and registering for tax purposes. The school will also help students with any difficulties they might have with employers or landlords.

Course: AC15 – 20 lessons per week General English, exam preparation, business English (when available)
AC24X – 30 lessons per week General English, exam preparation, business English (when available)

Price: 25 weeks (over 8 months): €2,590 (gross)
Exam fee: €110 (nett)

25 weeks (over 8 months): €4,620
Exam fee: €110 (nett)

Accommodation: Host family, shared room, part board: €190
Hostel dormitory bed, breakfast: €165

Available courses and programmes - Kaplan International internship programme

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