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Summer & Winter holidays with English abroad

Course/camp name Place School Age Type of accommodation More Information
London Summer Camp (VE) London King's 14 - 17 with a family, residence

English course with recreation programme. Price includes after-classes activities and 1 trip per week. Weekend trips and additional after-classes are possible for additional payment.

London Summer Camp (LFR/ LFH) London King's 10 - 15 residence

Camp with English in Farringtons is a combination of high quality course with great programme of sports, artistic activities and trips. It guarantees that the students will have a lot to do! 3-week course in July at Farrington School (15 km from Central London) for 10-15 years old kids.

Pangbourne Sports Camp (KKP) Pangbourne (near Reading) King's 10 - 16 residence

Pangbourne Summer Camp (near Reading) is a perfect place for kids who love sport and adventures! Price of the course includes: classes, accommodation, meals, sports activities, trips, transfer from and to the airport. Age: 12-16 years, 2-6 weeks.

Moreton Hall English course for parents and children in England Moreton Hall Kings children's age from 3 to 13 campus

Summer camp is located in Moreton Hall, prestigeous school with amazing buildings, situated on a beautiful 100-acres park. School enables to have great conditions to learn and practise sport, it is situated nearby the city of Oswestry, which is located on the border of England and Wales, and which is only one-hour travel from airports in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Oxford Summer Vacation (OSV) Oxford King's 15-17 residence English course. Price includes also sports and cultural after-classes activities and trips. Beginners are not admitted to the course.
Bournemouth - City Summer Centres - Kurs Wakacyjny Extra Bournemouth Kings 14 - 17 residence or by a family 20 lessons/week (15 hours). All English language levels, min. level beginners. Leght of the course 2-11 weeks. Dates of beginning: 16,23,30 June, 7,14,21,28 July, 4,11,18 August
Bath - English language camps for children and teenagers Bath Kings 10-17 (course Active English)
12-17 (course Intensive Academic)
residence Language camp in Bath is a possibility to learn in a prestigeous school like one in the Harry Potter. Student town covers 500 acres, in which about 100 acres are designated to  a football pitch, rugby or cricket. The whole campus is located only 2 hours from London.
English language camp in Sherborne Shereborne Kings 9-16 residence Summer camp takes place in Leweston School. It covers 46 acres of campus and perfect furnishings. The camp is located 3 km from Sherborne in Dorset. This beautiful area is situated on a south coast. An offer for children and teenagers at the age of 9-16.
English language camp in London (Beckenham) London Kings 14-17 residence or by a family Language camp in Beckenham is a great possibility to spend holidays in England. Campus is located is located in the safe suburbs of London (only 20 minutes to the very center). An offer is aimed at teenagers in the age brackets of 14-17.
Vacation courses in Concord College Acton Burnell Concord College 8 - 18 residence Concord College was established in 1949 and from that moment it offers learning mainly for foreigners but also for the citizens of Great Britain. The school's seat is located in Acton Burnell, one of the most beautiful resorts in England. It is a place both quiet, peaceful, safe and interesting. The Concord school students come from more than 30 various countries worldwide.
Teachers staff and administrative workers live in the school residence and are there 24 hours per day at students' disposal
during students' stay in Concord school. Acton Burnell Hall palace was built in 1811 and is the main building of Concord College. In this historic palace youth from around the world go to school during the school year and in summer participate in English language courses, preparatory courses to high school and studies.http://anglia_concord.html
English Extra Summer Programme Cheltenham inlingua Cheltenham 16+ with a family inlingua offers various courses, matching to individual participants' needs. Students, who desire to learn intensively and to prepare for exams, are reccommended to take the option Course 30 (LSP 30).
Students, who desire to learn slightly less intensively are recommended to take the option Course 20 (LSP 20).

Courses for teenagers Hastings Hastings College of Art and Technology 16+ with a family English language school by the collegu 
in Hastings takes pride in perfectly qualified teachers staff, friendly and helpful service, convienient lecture rooms perfectly equipped in audio equipment and video, wonderful atmosphere. Students have an access to the Internet and to the language center, where they can learn alone after classes. Beautiful location by the sea, broad gardens, sport areas and other attractions definitely will not allow students to be bored, who will decide to choose Hastings for their English learning place.

Holidays with English Torbay LAL Torbay 12 - 17 with a family This course was found with the view to teenagers. We offer lessons on every level. Students exercise their language skills during conversations (with specific roles, discussions), grammar exercises, listening exercises and with understending English written texts, as well as writing essays and letters. In advanced groups students are acquainted with English literature and topics, such as politics and ongoing events. This course covers 20 lessons in a week
( 45 minutes every lesson), from monday till friday. Classes are held in groups which have no more than 15 persons. All children have organised all-day sport activities programme, games and trips around the area, as well as 5 all-day trips (such as Brixham, or Torquay, to a famous grotyo Kents Cavern and to Paignton Zoo, the third largest zoo in England). Holiday English language course Plus is enriched with additional evening classes from monday to friday
Szkoła Kelly College Tavistock LAL Torbay 9 - 16 residence Kelly College is beautifully located on the edge of small resort Tavistock, 15 minutes walk from the center, in the vicinity of Dartmoor Natinak Park, 20 kilometres from Plymouth. In a learning group are max 12 participants. Groups from residence have max 15 participants. Youth lives in a residence, in 2-6-persons bedrooms. 
Szkoła Swithtun's School Winchester LAL Torbay 11-17 residence St. Swithun school is situated in Winchester, the ancient capital of England, the city that is famous for the cathedral which was erected in the XIth century. Location is ideal for students, barely one hour travel from London, Stonehenge and other worth seeing places in England.
Uniwersytet św. Marii (St. Mary's University College) Londyn LAL Torbay 13-17 residence St Mary's College is a modern, modernized school established in 1850. School is situated on a Strawberry Hill, nearby the rugby stadion Twickenham, there is also a busy street in the vicinity  which has a lot of shops and cafeterias, and from which you can quickly arrive to the center.
 Szkoła Taunton School Taunton LAL Torbay 11 - 17 residence Taunton school was established in 1847. It is located barely 5 minutes travel from teh city center, 2 hours from Londono, is an ideal place for taking the holidays course. School enables summer learning for students all around the world, assures great accommodation and interesting after-classes programme. 
Language camps in London  London LAL London 16+ residence or with a family to choose LAL school in London is situated in the part of modern building with new equipment and perfect learning conditions. The biggest number of students who can take part in lessons, which are held in twelve classes, is twelve persons. School has wireless Internet as well as  fully equipped computer room where English lessons are held and for the independent learning.
When the course participants want to eat something, they can visit local cafe, which is situated just a few steps from the entry door to the school. Students can use the bookstore and library in the area of school in order to continue learning after classes.
You can arrive to the LAL school in 25 minutes by train from the centre of London and in 40 minutes from the Heathrow airport.
Claysmore School Claysmore (near Bournemouth) Exsportise 10 - 14 residence Especially beautiful place for holiday for children and teenagres. The objects in the area of school contain pitches and courts, touring golf course,indoor swimming pool and horse satables. 
Oundle School Oundle
(near Peterborough)
Exsportise 10 - 16 residence Objects in the area of school contain pitches and courts, touring golf course,indoor swimming pool and horse satables. 
Seaford College Seaford
(near Brighton)
Exsportise 10 - 16 residence Sport objects in the area of school contain sport pitches and courts, inner tennis compex, touring golf course and outdoor swimming pool.
Summer English Camps for kids and teenagers Southampton St Giles 12 - 17 residence Programme of the language camp includes 1 whole-day trip and one half-day trip per week. In the evenings there are planned activities for the students. There are sports activities (e.g. football, volleyball, basketball) as well as games and plays (movie shows, discos, bowling). In the afternoons students will also visit historic places in Southampton.
Summer English camp for kids and teenagers Nottingham St Giles 10 - 17 residence Classes, accommodation, meals, sports and cultural activities take place in the closed campus, perfect for the younger participants of the course. The campus is surrounded by a park and is located in the suburbs. Programme includes trips and many other attractions.
Summer English Camp for teenagers Canterbury St Giles 7 - 12
13 -17
residence Campus is situated in the area, which belongs to the Canterbury Cathedral, in the center of a historical city. The school has swimming pool, gym, recreational space. Safe, pretty small, guarded campus is an ideal place for young participants, especially for those who go abroad for the first time. Groups, which consist maximum of 12 participants, are under 24-hour care.  More>>
Summer English Camp for teenagers Cambridge St Giles 14-17 residence University in Cambridge is one of the most important universities in the world and school campus enables to learn in this international center of striving for perfection. Historical dining room Sidney Sussex is said to be one of the most beautiful at the university and garden sculptures cause that it is an ideal place for summer. The school offers intensive courses, which involve 25 lessons per week Cambridge - 14-18 years
Summer English Camp for teenagers Londyn St Giles 12 - 17 residence It is a new center of the St Giles school, which is situated in one of the most important universities in England - University College London. Campus is located in the modern district of Bloomsbury, former center of the London bohemianism. In addition, students have destinated trips, which involves the most popular places in London such as: London Eye or the Tower of London. Groups consist of maximum 15 persons. London - 10-17 years
Language course in London London
region Crystal Palace, in the south-east London
Select English 16+ with a family or in residence to choose This course allows the participants to extend their lenguage skills in the morning and visit London in the evening. Students have 3 hours of lessons daily from monday to friday, from 9 to 12:30 o'clock and additional activities in the evenings from monday to thursday from 13:30 to 17:30 o'clock. In addition, there are whole-day trips organised on saturdays. Recreational program involves also a ticket which enables independent travelling around the Londyo. More>>
Summer camp with English language learning for kids and younger teenagers Suffolk Select English 8 - 13 residence English language course in Barnardiston Hall, Suffolk - nearby Cambridge, in an amazing village. Safe surroundings, about 4,5 km from the closest city. tennis courts and pitches always available school doctor. There are trips to London and Cambridge in the program as well as many other attractions. English learning in the groups to 12 persons. More>>
Language camp for older teenagers Somerset Select English 13 -16 residence English school, which combines the charm of the history and modern facilities, is located in a friendly and safe surroundings. The school is situated in the heart of the village Somerset. Nearby there is a famous Stonehenge and historical cities Bath and Wells
Language camp for older teenagers
Norfolk, Riddlesworth Hall
Select English 13 - 16 residence Riddlesworth Hall is an amazing house situated in the area of 12-hectares park. It assures the safety for course participants, who can have great fun and benefit from beautiful surroundings. Situated in a small distance from historical cities of Cambridge and Norwich. There is a Diana International Center of Science in the Riddlesworth Hall, Princess of Wales  (Princess Diana was a student of Riddlesworth Hall). Trips to London, Cambridge, Norwich and Pleasurewood Hills (amusement park). Course groups involves to 12 persons. More>>
Language camp for teenagers in Cambridge Cambridge Select English 14 - 16 with a family or in residence to choose There is always something going on on the English courses for teenagers in Cambridge: there are discos organised, theatrical performances as well as canoeing on the Cam river. English lessons are focused on the improvinf of communication skills thanks to the adequate proportion od language lessons, project works and English language live. More>>
English course in Scotland Edynburg Regent Language Training 16+ with a family or in residence to choose English school Regent in Edynburg is located in the city center; short walk divides it from the famous Princes Street and Holyrood Palace. Course participants have access to the Internet and e-mail, they can use a wireless Internet in their rooms on their laptops as well. School has a library and mutual lounge More>>
English course in Cambridge Cambridge Regent Language Training 16+ with a family or in residence to choose Regent school in Cambridge occupies a splendid Victorian building, which is situated in one of the most interesting, central part of Cambridge. School has modern facilities: lounge, big garden with a patio and a computer room
Teenagers camp in Bournemouth Bournemouth Kaplan International 14 - 17 with a family or in school residence Bournemouth is a dynamic city on the coast of Great Britain, which offers 12 km of sandy beaches. The summer language camp (English) provides interesting cultural and sport attractions. Students are accommodated by the gost families or in the school residences. More>>
Teenagers camp in London Kingston Londyn Kingston Kaplan International 14 - 17 in school residence English language camp is located in the area of Kingston University capmus in the south - west London.
Safe and guarded camp area with convenient school furnishings, ideal especially in the summer season, such as swimming pool, fields for games, teeater and many others. Students are accomodated in the school residence in single rooms. More>>
Teenagers camp in Salisbury Salisbury Kaplan International 12 - 17 in school residence Salisbury is a beautigul pretty small historic town, full of marketplaces, charming old streets and shops. Wonderfully equipped building and the school area: swimming pool, theater, tennis courts, pitches, computer rooms, building designed for artistic works. School has great experience in conducting courses for children. Students are accommodated in the school residence in rooms shared with other participants. More>>
Teenagers camp in Torquay Torquay Kaplan International 14 - 17 with a family It is a friendly and safe sea resort, often called English riviera. Our English school for children and teenagers is situated in a splendid Victorian residence. School has rich furnishings: spacious classrooms, TV, table tennis, PlayStation. Students are accommodated by the host families in double rooms. More>>
Teenagers camp in Bath Bath Kaplan International 13 - 17 with a family Bath is one of the best-preserved and most numerously visited cities in Great Briatin. Bath, which is situated in a beautiful valley, has a breath-taking architecture and fascinating history. Students are accomodated in the local homes of host families. In the packet price there are included: course, accommodation with meals, after-class activities and trips. More>>
Teenagers camp in Ashford Ashford Concorde International 8 - 18 lat with a family or in school residence School is located 20 minutes by car from Canterbury and Dover. Building is located in a quiet area and school offers to students classes on the highest level and number of after-class activities. In this area there are pitch covered with artificial grass, tennis courts, sports hall and indoor swimming pool. There is a possibility to use Internet on the campus . Accomodation in the school residence (8-18 years) or with a family (12-18years).
English course in London London St. George International 16+ with a family or in residence to choose London school SGI guarantees rich variety of courses in English in London. Our seat is situated nearby the famous on the wole world Oxford Street. Courses are held on the professional level, wonderful accommodation and full of attractions surroundings give ideal conditions to English learning. More>>

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