Queen Anne's School is located in Caversham on a beautiful vast campus, which guarantees safety and enables the students to make full use of their potential: in the classroom, on the sports grounds or on the stage.

Queen Anne's School accepts girls of 11, 12 and 13. The school cultivates values that serve as a basis for building a mature and honest character. The students often engage in social work. Every year, thousands of pounds raised by the students are donated to charity organizations chosen by the girls.

Queen Anne's school offers friendly atmosphere, education at the highest standards and preparation to living a fulfilling life in the XXI century


The school's history begins in 1698 when eight citizens of Westminster funded the Grey Coat Hospital for children there. In 1706, after Queen Anne took it in her care, the hospital was renamed The Royal Foundation of Queen Anne. 

When in 1894  the Governors decided to commit some of the money to fund a boarding school for girls, it was named in honour of the Queen. The school's symbol is a red rose, said to be the Queen's favourite flower.

Admission requirements

The admission requirement to Queen Anne's School is usually a good score at the Common Entrance Examinations, taken at the age of 11, 12 or 13. Future students may, however, choose to take the school's entrance exam.

Queen Anne's School's motto is learning is fun. Qualified teachers make use of various sources, from textbooks to the Internet, during classes. The students also have opportunities to visit interesting sights. The school makes efforts to ensure that learning is interesting and gives pleasure. The school's programme is based on the National Curriculum, however it is being improved and extended. The teachers and guardians whose role is to share their knowledge and care for the students are always ready to give advice and support to the students.



During the first three years in Queen Anne's School the classes are conducted according to a comprehensive programme, so that each student has a chance to discover her interests and strong sides. The girls are also encouraged to develop their interests and talents outside the classroom.

During the two years when the students prepare for the GCSE examinations, everybody has enough time and opportunities to make decisions concerning further education and career.

Extracurricular activities

The end of classes does not mean an end of an active day for students of Queen Anne's School. The school offers the girls a varied  extracurricular activities programme, thanks to which each girl may develop her skills and talents, be it musical, artistic, sports or yet other.

For years, the school's students been very successful as orators and have won many national and international competitions. Programmes such as Young Enterprise are also very popular with the girls as they are an excellent opportunity to gain experience and knowledge important for their future career.

Living at Queen Anne's School

Regardless of whether the students live next door, in another city or on another continent, the parents, and the girls themselves, for various reasons choose accommodation in the boarding house. 
Queen Anne's School is primarily a boarding school, however girls living with their families in the vicinity of Caversham are also welcome. They are treated as full members of the school community.

Accommodation in the boarding house

Each student who opts for staying in the boarding house can count on a friendly environment and wonderful surroundings. The school possesses four boarding houses, each run by a competent person who is experienced at working with teenagers. None of the boarding house's residents is ever left alone when she needs help, support or advice.

A strong sense of belonging and mutual respect foster loyalty among the girls and a sense of pride, especially during numerous competitions between the houses.


Regardless of how full the curriculum is, the students of Queen Anne's School always find some time for having fun with their friends. Trips to London's West End, amusement parks, cinemas, discos, karaoke nights - are only a few of the leisure activities offered by Queen Anne's School.

Fun at Queen Anne's School is also raising money throughout the year. Thanks to the girls' ideas and initiatives thousands of pounds have been raised for local and national charity organizations.


deposit (refundable) 500 GBP
administration fee 350 GBP
school semester (price includes full board, accommodation and textbooks costs) 8,195 GBP
school uniform 300 GBP (you can buy a second-hand uniform and then resell after graduation)


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